Baby Steps to Best Life

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Program Begins Sunday, January 5th 2020. This program does NOT include the Reset Breathe Monthly Subscription Membership.

Achieving good health comes through creating consistent healthy habits that stick, that is simple, daily repeated actions over time. When we are consistent we create change.

Taking on too much at once is overwhelming and hard to maintain. This program is created to help you implement positive lasting changes by breaking it down one step a time. #babysteps

This is not a quick fix. This program is intended to create change that stays with you for the long haul. PLUS- you are not alone. Cheer each other on and boost each other up.

This 8 week group coaching program will include:

• Live interactive weekly coaching in our Facebook group- Baby Steps to Best Life
• Help you uncover your barriers to healthy living and how to navigate around them
• Set long term goals & help you break them down into actionable steps over 8 weeks
• Community support (wooohooo)
• Goal setting and tracker booklet (recipes included)
• Teach you the importance of adopting a healthy mindset and how to do that
• Nutrition tips and recipes
• Optional accountability partners
• Intro to meditation with Yoga instructor Cynthia Dennis
• Intro to using your intuition as a guide with Sherri Simpson

**Bonus- for those new to fitness or feeling stuck- short 10 min workouts you can work into your day. These include Intro to Yoga, Intro to HIIT, Intro to Pilates, Intro to Weight training and a movement class.

Please request to join our Facebook Group. You’ll be given access to the group on January 2nd, 2020. If you receive a welcome email to the Reset Breathe Membership Program please disregard until we edit our email management system.

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