HIIT is an incredibly time efficient form of exercise. Just 15 minutes of HIIT is said to be comparable to an hour of steady state cardio and increases your metabolic rate for up to 48 hours following. Classes will include a warm up, high intensity intervals of various exercises followed by short recovery periods. All classes end with a cool down. Reset uses several different formats of HIIT, including:


Tabata: 20 sec interval, 10 sec rest x 8= 1 round of Tabata (4 min)


Shred: Jillian Michaels has trademarked this format which includes a 3 minute warm up, 4 x six minute circuits and finishes with a 3 minute cool down.


Pyramid: This format starts with shorter intervals of 10-15 seconds and builds up to longer intervals of 50-60 seconds and then decreases in the same format.


Ladder: These sets are comprised of one longer interval (30 seconds) immediately followed by a new exercise at a slightly shorter interval (20 seconds) and finishes with a final exercise of a short burst of 10 seconds. This is repeated with new exercises.

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